Top 7 blogging mistakes to avoid!

Surely, you’ve heard that blogs are a strong Content Marketing strategy. However, there are some mistakes that can compromise your strategy and, consequently, your results. But, after all, what are the main mistakes in blogging?

Your business is making a mistake on the blog if:

  1. There is no periodicity of publications;
  2. The content is not well formatted;
  3. The images used are not of good quality;
  4. Does not do keyword research;
  5. Titles are not attractive;
  6. There is no SEO optimization;
  7. Create topics without considering the interests of the persona.

Now, tell us: have you ever made any of the top blogging mistakes? If so, don’t worry, because to err is human and now you know what not to do. And of course, keep following our blog for more valuable information!

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